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Totnastics - Week Themes

Here is a quick list of our themes of the week to give you an idea of how our lessons are spaced out through the entire semester. Due to holiday/weather closings , some themes maybe altered of replaced.

                                        1.  Forward Rolls!!!                                                    10.  Balancing on the Beam 

2. Balance Beam !!!!                                                  11. Bar Blast!

3. Bars Week!!!                                                          12.  Sports Week!!

4. Handstands!!                                                         13.  Big Floor Review 

5. Cartwheels!!                                                          14.  Big Beam Review

6. Beam Blast!!                                                          15.  Big Bar Review

7. Bar Bonanza!!                                                        16. Hero Day!!!!

8. Pajama Party !!                                                      17.  Floor/Bar/Beam Review

9. Backwards Day                                                    18. ??????????????

Come try a class in our Totnastics Too! Gym. Classes start at “Walking Years Old” and go through 3 & 4 year old separation classes! And New to our Oceanside facility a Totnastics Too! Gym and our legendary developmental program! Call now for availability and trial classes for now or summer! 516-409-0300!! Below is our Schedule for 2015-16! 

Don’t forget about our 3 & 4 year old camp! Running all summer long! Call for details.

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